Is it critical for your health to have low testosterone?

Low level of testosterone, or just ‘Low T’, as it is also called, is a very often problem for old men. The percentage of men who are suffering from ‘Low T’ is increasing by the time men are getting older. For instance, among men who are about 70 y. o. this is about 30%, but for the men of 80 y. o. this amount increases to 50 per cent.

Is it important to have testosterone?

No doubts men need testosterone for their body development. It helps them during their whole life. Man’s testes produce this hormone. The first step testosterone takes is its key role in man sex organs developing. When a boy is growing into man testosterone is also important since it provokes hair growth, muscles building and changing the voice. After the process of growing stops testosterone still continues to influence man’s sexual life.

It’s an absolutely natural process that man’s testosterone level increases by age. But still, there’re some other reasons which can affect its decreasing. For example, different injuries such as testicles. Radiation also plays a huge role in decreasing testosterone level.

How it can affect man’s life?

Surely, declining testosterone can influence your life negatively. ‘Low T’ causes decreasing of libido and, as a result, the sex desire, what can affect your relationships with a partner. But it is not the only negative side of having low testosterone level. There are some of them, which can reduce your life quality:

  • overweight;
  • absence of energy;
  • muscle mass falling;
  • problems with concentrating.

As a result, the bones become weaker what makes them easy to break. One more effect is osteoporosis, which is really often health problem for elderly.

How to prevent, diagnose and treat the problem?

The blood test is a very accurate way of detecting ‘low T’. The only problem with it is that you may be asked to have two and more tests since the level of the hormone depends on the time of the day. For example, it’s the highest in the morning.

There are several ways to treat it:

  • replacement therapy;
  • special testosterone gel, which should be rubbed into the arms;
  • wearing a patch, which exhales testosterone from time to time into your body;
  • oral testosterone replacement, which is not preferable in comparison with other ways of treatment;
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It is important to remember that men who suffer from prostate cancer usually are not prescribed to get testosterone therapy because it can cause a growth of cancer.

There are many drug companies that produce medicine for ‘low T’ treatment. From 2001 to 2011 the number of men who started to take those products increased in three times. To sum up, being able to note and main symptoms of ‘low T’ is important for starting treatment in time. So if you feel worse than usual, have some problems with erection and your sexual desire go to see your doctor. These symptoms can show you need to get treatment.