It’s beneficial to host international sports events

There are many international events in the modern global society, and people from different countries argue if it is beneficial to host international sports events. Some people say that such events do much good to the host country, but others claim they bring more negative than positive results.
In my opinion, hosting an international event of any kind is beneficial in many ways.

Firstly, it motivates the government to improve the infrastructure so that new buildings, stadiums, and parks will be available for citizens not only during the event but also a long time after.

Secondly, huge events draw lots of tourists to the host country and provide citizens with a unique opportunity to make friends with a foreigner, which may broaden one’s horizons and inspire on traveling or studying foreign languages and cultures.

Nevertheless, the opinion that international sports events have no real benefits to the host country still exists. Its followers say that huge celebrations make cities overcrowded and cause traffic jams, noise, and queues everywhere.

Personally, I cannot agree with this argument. Undoubtedly, many people come along to take part in celebrations, but they are usually organized in groups and government provides them with a special place for occasional days, so they do not saunter around the whole city during events.
All in all, hosting international sports events is very beneficial as it motivates us to develop our country in different ways.